Your Trays

Prior to inserting your trays, brush and floss your teeth.
Load trays with bleach by placing a small dot of solution on the front surface of each tooth. Lightly tap tray to adapt sides of tray to teeth.
After placing trays in your mouth, press lightly on the front and wipe off any excess solution.
Leave trays in for the prescribed amount of time.
Do not eat or drink while the trays are in your mouth.
After you complete each bleaching treatment, rinse your trays thoroughly and lightly brush teeth.
Avoid dark liquids (coffee, tea, soda, red wine) for 2 hours immediately after bleaching.

Bleaching Schedule

For 35% solution, wear trays for NO LONGER than 30 minutes.
For 20% solution, wear trays for NO LONGER than 2 – 4 hours/day.
For 10% solution, wear trays for NO LONGER than 8 – 10 hours/day.
You may experience some sensitivity. If the sensitivity increases, you may skip every other day.
To help prevent sensitivity, avoid using any bleaching or tartar toothpastes and avoid acidic fruits and juices (tomato, orange, grapefruit).
For your initial bleaching treatment, you will want to bleach for 10 – 14 days.
For touch-up bleaching, you will only require two days of treatments, usually every six months to one year.

Your follow-up appointment for your initial bleaching appointment will be two weeks after you begin your first treatment. You will want to wait at least TWO WEEKS after you finish your last treatment prior to doing any restorative work on your teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns while you are bleaching, please contact us at (503) 684‑2944.